The City of Los Angeles continues to allow thousands of hiker/visitors that view the Hollywood sign to trample the area surrounding the Tryolean water Tank. The Tyrolean Tank Plateau is the main water source for the residential Hollywoodland community.

Epic rains have eroded Hollyridge trail.

Unauthorized Hollyridge Trail being promoted by the City of Los Angeles.

People creating new path, walking off designated trails and littering. Maintenance and enforcement of the land is non-existent. Why is the city neglecting the HGP?

See the wildfire that threatened HGP this July.

Trapping and maiming coyotes reported in Hollywoodland residential tract.

People creating unauthorized hiking/ foot paths destroying vegetation, altering water flow and altering habitat.

Erosion created by hoardes of people

Nature and P22

Tagging approximately a third of a mile from the Deronda Drive gate.

Careless drone slices nose and mouth of dog.

Illegal drone launch in HGP goes unchecked!

Precious Fox found dead adjacent to Hollywoodland Gifted Park

TRICK Or TREAT? Human dressed in Cactus costume cant hold his water!

Here’s What the Hollywood Hike Sign Looked Like Before the Drought

Individual defecates on HGP land. WHAT NEXT?

Correspondence with the City of Los Angeles Recs and Parks about illegal picnic tables

Residents of L.A.’s Beachwood canyon are fighting off hordes of GPS enabled tourists – THOUSANDS a day!

Helium balloon “Art Installation” threat to HGP!

An unapproved memorial marker!

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